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However, for the unfortunate ones who end up taking significant amounts of time off work or needing medical attention which results in hefty bills due to their whiplash injuries, then a compensation claim is likely to go ahead. Your solicitor will should be able to advise you on what compensation amount you are liable to receive if the case is successful. Personal injury solicitors take their fees from the other party’s insurance, so you won’t have to worry about having high legal fees to pay at the end of the process – all the money you win will go directly to you. Remember the CCTV Systems of old that incorporated analogue systems which captured footage on dated VCR recorders? Guess what? Some companies are still using these outdated types of systems and they haven’t moved with the times and updated their CCTV Systems. It beggars belief but outmoded Guarding Services are still in operation and the quality of some CCTV Systems on sites is laughable to say the least. It seems crazy when you consider analogue CCTV Systems have been surpassed with digital technology and there are IP security systems available that are powered by data network solutions. Hopefully your company will be fully up to speed with the latest CCTV advances Cheap NFL Jerseys , if not, now’s a good time to re-evaluate your Guarding Services.

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