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A busy schedule a

A busy schedule and a tight budget are two very good reasons why you may fall out of shape when you are in college. But Cheap NFL Jerseys China , it does not have to be that way. You can still stay healthy even if you do not have the time to do a lot of exercise, and if you do not have the budget to buy healthy food. Just small changes in your daily routine and life may help to keep you healthy until you leave college when you can start working out and buying nicer food.

Vitamin pills are still cheap to buy

Your diet may start to miss out on vitamins and minerals that you would probably get if you were eating better food. But, not to worry, as you can buy vitamin tablets to plug the gaps. This does not mean that you should simply eat rice and potatoes during your entire time with the knowledge that you can eat your pills. It just means that you can keep your vitamins and minerals topped up in a situation where it may be more difficult than usual.

Have lots of calcium if you drink lots of coffee

Coffee has caffeine, which stimulates your adrenaline glands to fire, making you more alert and less tired. However, your body uses calcium when it produces adrenaline, and if there is not enough in your bloodstream then it will start to harvest it from your bones. In order to avoid this you should have lots of calcium, such as found in milk and cheese. And, if you are a big coffee drinker, then you should take calcium tablets every day. Women should take both calcium and iron pills every day.

Turn off the TV and do something energetic

Instead of relaxing with a good TV show, relax with sports, swimming, jogging Cheap NFL Jerseys , walking in the country, or by having sex. Sex is still a good workout even if you have a busy schedule, and anything is better than watching TV. This is because your body starts to adapt and grow used to being sat down all the time. You have to sit as you study, and then you sit as you watch TV. You will soon find that your energy levels start to deplete, and sooner or later, you will notice that you have to sit down more than you ever did before.

Drink only once per week at the most

There is no moral or medical reason for only having one alcohol drinking session per week; it just helps to keep your energy up if you only do it once per week. Drinking means recovering, and this can sometimes take up to two days. Drinking also uses up vitamins as your body processes the alcohol. It can also make you fat if you drink and do not do much exercise. On the other hand, some people experience the opposite affect where drinking too often makes them slimmer because they hardly eat because the body starts to get its energy from alcohol.

Quite smoking until after you have finished your studies

Do this because smoking is expensive and you cannot afford it as a student. It also lowers your lung capacity, which means you get out of breath quicker and are poorer at performing during sexual intercourse. Quitting smoking is also good for discipline, as it forces your higher brain functions to overcome your comfort action (i.e. smoking).

Do things quickly as a rule

If you are physically able to do a task faster, then get into the habit of doing it fast. Make it one of your personal rules and it will keep you in shape for a lot longer. It also makes up for the occasional bit of excess sloth during the week. This means walking faster, cleaning faster, and carrying and lifting things at a much faster pace.

Buy fruit at least twice per week

Fruit is expensive and goes off quickly so it is not ideal student food, but it is needed if you want to stay healthy. It contains fructose Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , which is the sugar that it takes the body the longest to turn into fat. This means you have longer to burn off the energy you get from it, and you get the added benefit of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Only have junk food twice per week

Make it a treat instead of a last minute resort. Junk food is not empty calories as many people say it is, but it is full of saturated fats that are harder to burn off. But, having it just twice per week is okay so long as you are not the sort of person that sits on the sofa watching TV all day.

Two twenty minute sessions of exercise per week will keep you healthy

If you still want to work out, then all you need is two twenty minute sessions of vigorous exercise per week. Do that and it will help keep your fitness level at the level it is at right now. Do more than two sessions and your fitness level will improve.

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