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Detwilers Camp Suggests Nationals Trade Him - RealGM Wiretap
Ross Detwiler is disappointed with the way the season unfolded with the Washington Nationals.

He competed for a spot in the starting rotation last spring Trea Turner Jersey , was moved to the bullpen and then left off the club's postseason roster.

"I was extremely disappointed," Detwiler said of missing the chance to pitch in the playoffs. "I know it was a team full of lefties and I thought matchup-wise we would have gone with three lefties if we were trying to match up. I guess they had a different plan. Maybe someone had a better history than me and it came down to two people. I donít know. I know down the stretch I hadnít really thrown much in the last two weeks of the season. The last time I remember being in a close game was the day after we clinched [the division]. It was really tough to sit on the sideline and knowing I didnít have a chance to get out there and watch us lose in the first round again. It was tougher to do that and knowing I couldnít do anything to help."

According to a person familiar with the situation, Detwiler's camp has suggested to the Nationals that they try to trade him if possible.

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